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Here at Commonwealth Accident Attorneys, we pride ourselves on being your greatest resource during your time of need. Auto accidents can completely disrupt our lives, sometimes in minor ways but often in major ways, as well. One car accident can cause a domino effect of problems for you and for those you love. From paying for insurance deductibles, car repairs, medical bills, missed time off work, to the worst-case scenario, funeral expenses, being involved in a collision is certainly a burden. Here at Commonwealth Accident Attorneys, we work tirelessly to provide you with the financial compensation you deserve. We are Fullerton natives, and our Fullerton car accident attorneys strive to serve our community by providing our legal expertise and professionalism to fellow patrons.


While car accidents occur daily, we often do not keep track of the type of accidents that occur or how often until we or someone we love is involved. However, Commonwealth Accident Attorneys knows Fullerton. We provide the legal expertise you can trust, so you do not have to go through this complicated legal process alone. Let us help.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer that is native to your local area can help you navigate through a complicated legal process more efficiently. Because state laws vary, it is imperative to work with a car accident attorney who is licensed to practice law in the state where the accident took place.

Our car accident lawyers treat each client and case with dedication and focus. Like with any profession, we are trained to help guide you on the best course of action and to alleviate any unnecessary stress that taking legal actions may bring.


Automobile accidents vary, not only in seriousness but in a multitude of other factors. These factors affect the monetary value of your claim. The severity of damage to your vehicle is one factor.

However, every detail must be considered when determining how much a claim is worth, such as personal injury and how that affects your life thereafter. Rest assured that at Commonwealth Accident Attorneys, we find every caveat of possibility.

Your claim and settlement are of the utmost importance to us and will be treated as such. You could be compensated for:

  • Vehicle Damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Time Off Work
  • Medical Expenses
  • Punitive Damages
  • Pain and Suffering


Car accidents are a seemingly daily occurrence. Although Fullerton is a beautiful city beaming with life, it is no exception to this fact. In a poll conducted by Cal State Fullerton, 77% of drivers admitted to making/taking calls while behind the wheel.

While many factors contribute to car accidents in Fullerton, as well as throughout Southern California, not paying attention to the road will certainly increase the chances of being in a car accident.

In a fast-paced world with an increase of smart devices and busy lifestyles, automobile accidents occur much more frequently than they once were. Here are the top causes of automobile accidents in the US.

Distracted Driving

This can vary from mobile phone usage, eating, grooming, and talking to passengers. In each case, your full attention is not on the road and your surroundings, thus deemed distracted driving.


In today’s society, we are busier than ever, rushing from one location to another a few miles over the speed limit. Unfortunately, it’s one of the leading causes of auto-related accidents, even though it’s completely avoidable and preventable.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Impairing one visual or mental perception and then operating a motor vehicle is often something one believes is an attainable feat. However, the statistics say otherwise. Driving under the influence not only causes car collisions, but is also one of the leaders of single crashes into buildings, homes, and trees.

Reckless Driving

Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating are just a few examples. Regardless of the reason, driving recklessly is never acceptable and is one of the leading causes of accidents.

Rain/Bad Weather

Driving in certain weather conditions can be very dangerous. Heavy rain, strong wind, snow, ice, or a combination of these elements can strongly impair even the best of drivers. These factors can also make the roads more sleek and difficult to operate a vehicle on.

Running Traffic Signals

Stop. Slow. Go. Those are the signals we are hardwired to look for, but sometimes, we miss even those. Stop lights and signs are ignored countless times in a day. This can lead to head-on collisions, t-boned vehicles, and vehicles being rear-ended.

Driving at Night

Working all day and night has become the norm. However, our bodies know otherwise. Driving at night can lead to drivers becoming drowsy and sleepy, which often leads to car accidents. Aside from that, many people have eye conditions that make it hard for them to see while driving at night. Nighttime is also when drunk or intoxicated drivers are more present.

Defective Vehicle Parts

No one is perfect, or rather no car is perfect. Car manufacturers work hard to ensure that their vehicles reach the highest safety standards but can sometimes fall short of expectations. Faulty brakes, power steering complications, and seat belt issues are just a few things that malfunction and cause significant car accidents. Therefore, you must regularly check your vehicle for updated recalls and perform appropriate maintenance.

Driving in the Wrong Direction and Improper Turns

State laws and roadways vary from place to place. Turning right on red may be legal in your area but may not be in others. Being in an area where specific roads are one way only can be confusing if you are not focused or are not familiar with the area.

This can lead to head-on collisions and sideswiping caused by overcorrection.


Determining the liability of an accident is not as simple of a task as it may seem. Insurance adjusters, other involved parties, and natural factors all play a component in determining liability.

In some instances, the plaintiff will also be guilty of carelessness and contributing to a car accident. However, depending on the percentage of fault, compensation can still be collected. Ultimately, this will come down to who played a greater role in causing the accident. This is called comparative negligence.

When you are in an accident with another patron, Commonwealth Accident Attorneys utilize our expertise to help determine where liability lies. We help our clients receive their full insurance benefits and rightful compensation from the guilty party.


Operating a vehicle is a privilege we often take for granted. This can cause us to misuse these machines and this often results in a car accident. These accidents vary in severity as do the injuries associated with them. Common injuries are:

  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Dislocation of Various Bones
  • Back Injury
  • Burns
  • Internal Injury
  • Fractures/Broken Bones
  • Mental Anguish (PTSD, Depression, Stress)
  • Wrongful Death


Fullerton is a lively community that boasts many high-quality experiences and is an exceptional place to live. With a growing population and multiple highways and byways, motor vehicle accidents have become more common than ever.

However, should one of life’s common tragedies hit, know that you have a team here ready to assist you after your car accident. Knowing what to do after being involved in an accident is imperative. It is highly advisable to proceed with the following recommendations:

  1. Check yourself for injury, and if able, exit the car and get out of the road.
  2. Immediately call the police after being involved in an accident.
  3. Remain at the accident scene until help arrives to assess the situation.
  4. Exchange insurance and contact information with the other parties involved.
  5. Seek medical treatment within 48 hours. This is critical. Even if you think you did not sustain any injuries, it is best to be assessed by a medical professional.
  6. Call Commonwealth Accident Attorneys before talking to insurance companies. This is not commonly thought of, however, our Fullerton car accident lawyers can quickly help you navigate some of the questions that may come from the insurance companies.
  7. If you are physically able to do so, take photos of your vehicle, your injuries, the accident scene, and other relevant pictures that would provide pertinent information for your case.
  8. Call your insurance company to file a claim, but do not speak to the person’s insurance adjusters unless your lawyer is present.


Commonwealth Accident Attorneys is here to help. Big or small, we are here to serve all car accident victims. Vehicle accidents cause stress and a myriad of issues, so let us support and guide you through your legal process. Our expertise can make a world of difference.

We handle each case with the professionalism and care you need. From minor injuries to total loss events, we will help you understand your rights and pursue every avenue of justice and compensation. Get your free consultation today.

We are here to help get the compensation you deserve. Let us be your legal guidance for your legal rights. Do not suffer the consequences of the actions of a negligent party. We are here to fight for you. No matter how hard the situation may seem, our personal injury lawyers will fight hard for your rights. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience in the legal field and have maintained a 99% success rate throughout the years. We are your legal advocates and are here to help you.

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