What to Do About Jury Bias Against Motorcyclists

What to Do About Jury Bias Against Motorcyclists

Proving fault in an auto accident in Fullerton can be complicated. If you’re lucky, the crash is not catastrophic and the other motorist will take accountability for their negligence. But that is seldom, especially in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are burdened with the negative reputation of being careless and the cause behind most accidents. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, here is some insight on how to seek damages and ward off jury bias.


What Is Motorcycle Bias?

Motorcycles symbolize a sense of freedom, allowing motorcycle riders to feel like “one with the road.” This is a grand feeling that many bikers appreciate. In fact, motorcycles are unique in that they appeal to nearly everyone at any age. After gaining popularity in the media, motorcycle sales started growing in the 1960s and have not slowed down since. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have also increased.

Over time, the idea of motorcycle riding has become synonymous with danger. Even more, we attribute behavioral patterns to those who operate motorcycles as being careless and reckless. To make matters worse, pop culture and the media capitalize on these biased notions that bikers are synonymous with rebels.

Due to this building notion, insurance companies and those involved with motorcycle accident cases project their bias on motorcycle operators.


Why This Is Important

As with any legal case, the objective after one suffers in a motorcycle accident is to hold the person who is responsible for causing the accident liable for sustained injuries, as well as damages. In cases that involve motorcycles, insurance adjusters, Fullerton jurors, witnesses, and officers may harbor a negative bias toward the motorcycle rider.

When each of these parties is supposed to remain impartial, such a negative connotation could have a direct result on the outcome of the personal injury case. Not only is this not fair to those injured in a motorcycle crash, but it’s also unlawful. If there is not an impartial jury or if there is a bias in the motorcycle accident case, victims will not receive the compensation they deserve.


Overcoming Motorcycle Bias

If you or your loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to hire an experienced legal team that understands motorcyclists’ traumas and the legal challenges they are facing. The bias against motorcycle riders is very real, and fair compensation is often hard to recover without an experienced personal injury attorney.

Qualified attorneys can overcome jury bias with the proper presentation of facts and evidence. A thorough understanding of common jury attitudes helps to present compelling information that changes pre-existing attitudes.

They will be prepared to advocate for you or your loved one and prove the burden of liability on the party who caused the motorcycle accident. In doing this, you can be sure that you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

At Commonwealth Accident Attorneys in Fullerton, CA, we have the experience to back your personal injury claim and the aggressive effectiveness to fight through any potential bias you may receive. Combat jury prejudices with our lawyers today.



What You Can Do to Reduce Motorcycle Bias

While you cannot change everyone’s mind, you can do everything within your ability to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State of California for those who operate motorcycles.

Following these laws and regulations can help absolve you of any potential liability. California Vehicle Codes for motorcycle operators are as follows:

  • A regulated helmet must be worn while riding a motorcycle
  • The bikes must have mirrors on the right and left sides, as well as turn signals
  • The motorcycle’s handles cannot sit 6” above the rider’s shoulders
  • The bike’s exhaust system must comply with the “Anti-Tampering Act
  • All vehicles must go with the flow of traffic and not disrupt traffic
  • People in passenger vehicles cannot open their car doors to incoming traffic
  • In CA, lane splitting is legal, so motorcycles can maneuver between vehicles

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

First, check and make sure you are okay. Then, call 9-1-1 immediately and be prepared to give the precise location of the accident. Notifying the police is necessary because when they arrive at the accident scene, they will create a police report. That report will work as evidence for your motorcycle accident claim. Though evidence is important to all cases, it is especially crucial for motorcycle cases. Also, if you are severely injured, they can provide medical attention or call for an ambulance.

Next, you’ll want to exchange insurance information with all of the other parties involved in the accident. If you’re well enough, try to take pictures and document as much of the accident as you can. This will also be helpful later on as you build your case.

After you leave the accident and your injuries have been treated, contact the best motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney can give free legal advice during a consultation and provide a foundation for how to proceed with your case.


Help for a Motorcycle Accident

For enthusiasts, motorcycles represent freedom, carefree relaxation and joy, and joy. To others, motorcycles represent recklessness and carelessness. We are lucky to live in a society where we are free to pursue and enjoy whatever activities we choose.

Motorcycle bias shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your ride. By staying safe you’ll avoid many accidents. If they do happen, follow the above steps, then contact an experienced attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation at our law office today.

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